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Published on 24 December, 2012 The Rolex Milgauss is for those in scientific fields while the Rolex Yachtmaster is for sailors.

buy onlineRolex is known for making watches for busy and hardworking individuals. The Rolex GMT Master II is no exception. It was first created for international pilots who flew through different time zones. A watch is essential to a working individual. Men and women need to tell the time so they can manage their activities and events properly. A Rolex watch is one of the working man’s essential accessories. This timepiece combines functionality and luxury.

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The Watch for International Pilots

Watches are very important to pilots. They need it to tell time, especially when crossing from one time zone to another. The Rolex GMT Master II was designed mainly for Pan American Airways' crews who had transcontinental flights. It is capable of showing a second time zone display. Apart from the airplane crew, frequent travelers also prefer this 40mm Rolex model. This type aids in jet lag management. Calls to home can also be properly timed. The 24-hour rotating bezel allows the owner to read up to three different time zones. There are currently four variants of this watch: steel, two-toned, 18k gold with black dial and 18k with green dial. The Cerachrom black disc in the bezel is virtually scratch-free. It is mechanical and self-winding. The price is about $7,000 for the stainless steel variant. The 18k gold variant is much more expensive.

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Is getting a Fake Rolex Better?

The original Rolex GMT Master II costs several thousands of dollars. It is considered a status symbol since only the wealthy can afford to buy it. But even if you are not that rich, you can still wear a Rolex watch. There are many knockoff Rolex GMT Master IIin the market today. It might just be a replica but it is well made. You will be able to save a lot of money that way. Besides, no will know unless you tell them it's fake. That's how good the replicas are. The purpose of a watch is to tell the time. And a fake Rolex GMT Master II will still let you know if you are late for an appointment or not. It's really just a matter of handling yourself well. If you are confident, people will not think that your watch is not real.

knockoff quality pictureHans Wilsdorf:
The Father of Men's Wrist Watch

Before, wristwatches were only for women. It was called wristlet and considered a feminine object. Men had pocket watches as their timepieces. However, Hans Wilsdorf believed otherwise. He wanted men to have quality wristwatches so they would only have to look at their wrists to tell the time. It was in 1905 when he established his company together with his brother in law. Before long, it was considered fashionable for men to wear wristwatches in public. But he didn't stop there. He continued to innovate and add improvements to the wristwatch. Rolex is credited as being the first watch to be waterproof. It was also the first to introduce automatic adjustment of date and number. Today, the company is still privately owned. They produce about 650,000 watches annually.

Quality of Rolex Replicas

When buying a knockoff, it doesn't mean that you have to set aside the function and quality of the watch to focus on the look alone. It comes in a package and you'd want to pay for something that looks good, functions well and is made of high quality materials. Performance should not be compromised even if you are paying for it cheaper.

You will get all these when you buy Rolex Daytona copies. Replica manufacturers today have mastered the art of making fake designer watches that they can make exact copies of the original. It will be hard to discern the fake from the original when you put them together. You might get the notion that replica watches should be taken cared of more because they can easily break. Replica watches are water and scratch-resistant now so you don't have to worry about a thing.

The same as with originals you get the best quality from swiss-made replica watches. Even ROLEX copies use the ETA movements that guaranty the smooth movement of the dials unlike the cheaper Chinese replicas using quarts movement that makes the dial jump. For fast delivery of your Rolex Sky Dweller copy to North America use Canada stores.




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